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Creating Sustainable Development since 1974

Imparting practical learning that powers self-reliance.
Develop. Empower. Lead.

Striving for Progress

The simple ideology of creating opportunities and empowerment for marginalized people is what drives Rural Communes towards its goal of collaborative growth.

What we do


We find the right means to create livelihood for the marginalized rural individuals.

Why we do it


To empower the society through Sustainable Development and to create awareness about the ingenious resources of our native lands.

How we do it


By involving people in the process of their own development with action oriented tasks under the guidance of experts.

How we work

Rural Communes is actively working in Western Ghat and Coastal Area of Maharashtra – Raigad, Thane, Palghar, Satara, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Pune.

Our Mission

  • To work for the development of the marginalised and deprived sections of society – youth, marginal, small farmers, landless, women, artisans and tribals
  • To provide a platform for youth to organise and bring about change – a youth movement for rural development
  • RC believes that youth have a capacity to bring about change in society through organised collective effort and such change has to come from the grass root level involving rural poor.

Our Approach

The Approach of RC is based on the principle that:

  • People should be involved in the development process from the beginning and structural changes can only be brought about by informed collective action.
  • Women as a group are one of the most deprived and marginalised sections of society and the hopes and aspirations of women need to be addressed in an integral fashion.

Our Core Focus Areas

Leading Comprehensive Sustainable Development Approach for Social Mobilisation by creating Local organisations for Conservation & Management of Water & Natural Resources and Sustainable Climate Smart Agriculture for food, local eco-system and livelihood security for the rural poor by:

  • Training & Capacity Building of Cadres & Communities - Skills, Knowledge, Attitudes through Experiential and Learning by doing.
  • Women & Gender Empowerment
  • Strengthening Local Organisations & Institutions
  • Watershed & Rainwater Harvesting
  • Sustainable Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Natural Resource Management (NRM)
  • Conservation of Medicinal Plants
  • Livelihood Development
  • Awareness and Adaptation for effects of Climate Change

Vertical Vegetable Farming is a solution to food security for the landless and women SHG members families.

The vertical vegetable farming provides big benefits both to the family and the rest of the community. The landless and women SHG members families can enjoy better nutrition, food security and additional income as the surplus produce can be sold to the local markets.

Our Partners

Some of the NGOs that RC works very closely by way of Networking and Actual work